Home & Business Wildlife Removal

Badger in grassNeed the best wildlife control and management in the area? Critter Control of Hamilton County will address any wildlife concerns on your residential property or business property. We can help you get your wildlife problem under control effectively and in a cost-efficient manner.


Critter Control of Hamilton County provides full-service wildlife control services that we confidently back. Our proven methods will get your wildlife problem under control quickly and long-term. Some of our most popular services include wildlife damage repairs, wildlife animal removal, attic insulation, and wildlife animal prevention. Our technicians have years of wildlife trapping experience and removal—trust us to get rid of the problem for good!

Get Rid of Wild Animals Fast

Wildlife animals will cause major damage once they're allowed to reign free inside your home or business. As time inside your home increases, the animal damages also will. Contact Critter Control of Hamilton County to get rid of the wild animals in your home. We will remove these wild animals quickly! Critter Control provides the following solutions, and more, to address your wildlife control issues:

Animal Trapping

Animal trapping is an effective and humane way to remove certain animals from your Hamilton County property. While not all animals are best removed by trapping, we utilize trapping for the following:


Trapping raccoons is one of the best ways to remove raccoons from your property. When we trap raccoons, we can humanely relocate them away from your Hamilton County home. 


There are a few ways we can remove opossums, but trapping is a common method we use. We can relocate them to a new home. 


Trapping is a humane method we often use to remove skunks from Hamilton County properties. 

Critter Problems your Hamilton County Home May Have

There are a variety of wildlife animal problems that occur in Hamilton County. Some of those may include: 

No matter what wildlife problem you're facing, Critter Control of Hamilton County can take care of it. 

Humane Animal Control

In contrast to trapping, Critter Control offers CritterSafe wildlife exclusion to remove wildlife. Some of these methods include:

  • release on-site
  • one-way doors
  • non-lethal animal removal 
  • no-trap animal removal

When we do your wildlife inspection, we will determine the most humane and effective way to remove the wildlife. 

Wildlife Inspection

When Critter Control of Hamilton County comes out to your home, we will do a full inspection for any animal infestation. We will take the following actions to evaluate your home:

  • Collect information: We will identify what animal type is causing the problem for you. This is the first step to figuring out how to eliminate the problem. Sometimes, there is more than one animal causing the issue. 
  • Assess the severity of the infestation: How deep is this wildlife problem? We will look at the damage to your home, as well as the safety impact to your family and pets. 
  • Plan action steps: We will look at all the facts of the infestation and make a plan to eliminate the problem as quickly and humanely as possible. 
  • Keep the animal from coming back: We will also evaluate your home for any ways we can keep the wildlife from coming back. This may include caulking, sealing, vent screen replacements, or other exclusion methods. 

No matter what wildlife problem you may be facing in your Hamilton County home, we can help! Give our office a call today to set up an inspection and get your home back to normal.