Are you tired of seeing your trash bins tipped over and your trash all over the yard? Critter Control of Hamilton County has a team of professional technicians that are experienced with raccoon behavior and removal tactics, and we will also repair the damage they are responsible for. Just give Critter Control of Hamilton County a call today to schedule your appointment!

Raccoon Removal 

Raccoon removal services Hamilton CountyRaccoons have the ability to cause major damage to your home or property — if they make it into your home it is because they are trying to find a nice warm place to nest. It is not always the intention of the raccoon to make it into your home; it just occasionally happens. If it does, Critter Control of Hamilton County technicians are ready to get the raccoons out of your home or off your property.

Some of the methods that we use to make sure they are removed are: 

  • Humane live traps 
  • Landscape debris cleaning
  • Securing trash receptacles
  • Sealing any and all entry points 


Common Raccoon Problems

Raccoons can cause many problems for homeowners and business owners. Some of the most common reported issues are: 

  • Not all rabid raccoons will show symptoms, so for your own safety, we highly recommend not handling them.
  • Raccoons cause a lot of destruction to farmland by eating crops and digging holes in fields.
  • Raccoons are carriers of a number of deadly viruses, including raccoon roundworm and rabies.

Full-Service Raccoon Removal

Critter Control of Hamilton County technicians are experts at raccoon removal. Using the most advanced technologies and tools, our teams quell any animal problems plaguing your home. Utilize our extensive knowledge and expertise to fix your raccoon problems by calling us today!

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