Having a wild animal get into your home is one thing; to have it get in and die is a whole other story. Seeking food, water, or shelter, an animal may find its way into your home or business. When it can't escape, find food, or eats poisoned bait, the animal passes away. Because the full range of natural decomposers and scavengers can't get to the body, it begins to emit an awful smell that is extremely difficult to get rid of. The process of removal sometimes requires cutting into the walls. When done by yourself or the wrong technician, it can create more problems than it would solve. That's why it's important to call Critter Control of Hamilton County. Our technicians have the training and the tools to effectively locate and remove dead and decomposing animals. 317.953.2523

The Dangers of Dead Animals

A horrible, constant smell isn't the only downside of having an animal dying in the walls, but it might be the least harmful effect.

  • Ticks and Fleas - Wild animals carry all kinds of parasite insects. When their host is dead, ticks and fleas are actively looking for another food source. That could mean your family or pets. 
  • Diseases - Because these parasite insects can latch on to a host in your house, they may spread diseases to whoever their next victim is. 
  • More Wildlife - Although we might find the smell revolting, other animals designed to consume rotting flesh, find it extremely enticing. The longer the smell lasts, the more chance of wild animals smelling the corpse and repeating the process. 
  • Property Damage - A decomposing body can ruin carpet, wood, and other materials. It is important to get dead animals out of your house fast.

When you smell something that isn't quite right, call our office as soon as possible. Critter Control of Hamilton County can find the root of the problem and eliminate it, today. We're here to help!