Squirrels can be problematic for homeowners and business owners alike, as these fluffy-tailed nut hunters are notorious for causing extensive landscape damage despite their less-than-intimidating size. Some common squirrel problems include scratching inside walls and shuffling around in attics. If you are experiencing problems with squirrels, call Critter Control of Hamilton County today!

Squirrel Control Services in Hamilton County

Squirrel damage in Hamilton CountySquirrels can cause tremendous property damage, much of which can be costly. Critter Control technicians can remove the squirrel problem in a number of ways, including some you can implement yourself.

  • Trimming tree branches that brush the top of your home will discourage squirrels from coming onto your property
  • Sealing any entry points that you notice at your home's foundation
  • Sealing off entry points is an item that you'll want to have your Critter Control professional check; it doesn't hurt to have another pair of trained eyes

Our professional technicians can implement these methods:

  • Humane live traps
  • One-way vents
  • Screens
  • Installing new insulation 

Common Squirrel Problems

Here at Critter Control of Hamilton County, we receive a lot of calls about squirrel problems. Some of the more common calls we receive about squirrels are: 

  • Squirrels are notorious for digging holes and damaging insulation inside homes. 
  • Squirrels can also be responsible for power outages when they scamper across power lines.
  • Damage to both landscapes and structures.
  • Squirrels tend to leave waste behind wherever they are, too, posing a threat to human and pet health.

Squirrel Removal Services

If you realize your squirrel problem is worse than you initially thought, contact Critter Control of Hamilton County to handle these furry little rodents. Our technicians have the training and tools necessary to trap and remove squirrels from private properties. We use the most humane methods of eradication and our process is safe for all humans and animals involved. We can help you get rid of squirrel problems.

Call Critter Control of Hamilton County for complete squirrel control! 317.953.2523

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Squirrels can be a huge issue for homeowners and business owners in Hamilton County, as these fluffy-tailed rodents are infamous for teasing pets and causing extensive landscape and attic damage despite their less-than-intimidating size.
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