When you are outside or even in your home, have you seen bats flying around? While seeing bats in their natural habitat isn't necessarily something to raise concern, when you see them in places they normally should not be, call a professional. It is best to make any efforts to exclude bats from entering your home or property. If you are having a bat problem in the Hamilton County region, give Critter Control of Hamilton County a call today. 

Bat Removal in Hamilton County

Bat removal services in Hamilton CountyDuring the day, bats hang out together in groups numbering in the millions. They use their feet to cling upside down to the ceilings of caves, hollow trees and buildings as they sleep. When dusk approaches, the bats awaken and fly out of cave mouths in large numbers.

  • One-way vents are a common way to get bats out and keep them from coming back in
  • Humane live traps
  • Home insulation restoration 
  • Entry point repair 
  • Prevention and management 

Common Damage Caused By Bats 

Bats are commonly found in attics and barns, as they enjoy safe, dark places. Hollow trees and bat boxes are ideal places for the creatures to roost, as well. During summer months when bat pups are learning to fly, they accidentally enter buildings through open doors or windows. When bat droppings accumulate in your home, it can cause serious harm for you, your family and pets. Common bat problems include:

  • Feces
  • Odors
  • Stains
  • Home insulation contamination
  • Harmful disease and bacteria

Despite their reputation for carrying rabies, less than half of one percent of bats actually carry the virus. Nevertheless, bats should never be picked up or grabbed. To keep colonies of the creatures from roosting in attics, proper precautions should be taken to cover or seal all vents, holes, chimneys, windows and gaps leading inside homes.

Full-Service Bat Removal

Since bats may carry disease, individuals should never approach them. Bats also bite and scratch when they feel threatened and can easily injure humans. Critter Control technicians are trained to humanely remove any bat problems plaguing residential and commercial properties. We can help you get rid of bat problems.

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