Welcome to Westfield

Westfield is proud to be recognized as the “Best Small City in America”. With a population of 47,000, Westfield, IN is bustling with life. With plenty of places to shop, eat, and play, there’s always something to do in Westfield! From Quaker Park to Midland Trace Trail, there is plenty of nature to experience in Westfield. Other fun activities in the area include historic ghost walks and trips to Macgregor Park. The whole family can enjoy the outdoors in Westfield!

Wildlife Problems in Westfield

As the weather gets colder, animals like rodents, raccoons, and bats will start looking for warmth in your Westfield home. As Spring comes back around, these animals will start having their babies in your attic if they haven't been removed beforehand. If you suspect there is wildlife living in your Westfield home, call Critter Control right away so we can stop the problem before it grows!

If you do have a wildlife problem that needs to be taken care of, we offer many services to get your home back to normal. We offer cleanup and repairsattic restorationdead animal removal, and crawlspace renovations to get your home back to tip-top shape. 

Critter Control of Hamilton County services many of the surrounding areas with the best wildlife control in the area. If you need to get rid of wildlife fast, contact us today!