What Type of Animal is in My Crawlspace?

Determining what that noise in your crawlspace is can help your peace of mind and help you determine what level of crawlspace repair and restoration you’ll need. There are a variety of animals that find their ways into crawlspaces in Hamilton County. A few examples are skunks, raccoons, mice, and squirrels

Is There a Skunk in My Crawlspace?

If you have noticed digging under your deck or porch, small patches of torn-up grass, and a distinct odor, it’s most likely a skunk. Skunks burrow under structures and often feed on grubs and insects.

Are There Raccoons in my Crawlspace?

Like attics, raccoons are attracted to your crawlspace because it is dark, quiet and isolated. The same issues that raccoons cause in attic also arise when raccoons nest in insulation as nesting material in the crawlspace.

Are There Mice Living in my Crawlspace?

Small rodents like mice and rats love to get into crawlspaces. Again, chewing on wiring and getting into air ducts can cause problems much larger than their size suggests.

Are There Squirrels in my Crawlspace? 

Squirrels are able to get into crawlspaces through small cracks or crevices in homes foundations. Once inside, squirrels will use the space as a den for food storage. They will also often chew on wiring and insulation, creating a big mess.