Professional Wildlife Control Services

Skunk Walking in Hamilton County YardWildlife control services can be a big headache for residents and business owners in Hamilton County. Critter Control of Hamilton County's team of wildlife animal control technicians is experienced in different animal behavior like raccoons and wasp habits. We will work diligently to perform wildlife animal removal in your Indiana home quickly & safely. We do NOT perform domestic animal control. If you are in need of animal control services, please contact your local animal control company. If you are in need of wildlife animal control, please contact us here to request an estimate for animal removal in Hamilton County.

Did you know each wildlife animal has slightly different intelligence levels, diet preferences, and habitats from its wildlife relatives? You might not know all the quirks of skunks or how to predict bird behavior, but your wildlife control specialist will acknowledge each difference and create a unique plan of critter removal. To get rid of raccoons in the attic or bats in the chimney, call Critter Control of Hamilton County!

Common Wildlife Animal Control Services

A few of our commonly requested and performed critter removal services include:

The Critter Control Wildlife Control Process

Critter Control of Hamilton County's wildlife removal process typically implements several of the following steps:

  • Home inspection for entry points (current and potential)
  • Multi-step removal plan for long-term wildlife control
    • Removal methods like trapping or one-way doors
    • Prevention methods like sealing, capping, or screening chimneys and vents

Bat Removal in Hamilton County

Bats are one of the more common animals that take up residence in Hamilton County homes. While they more commonly reside in the attic, you may also find bats in your chimney, walls, or crawlspace. 

No matter where the bats in your home have decided to live, it's important for you to vacate them! Bats will leave large piles of droppings called guano which is bad for your health. Bats also have a lot of babies, so their population multiplies quickly. 

You'll know you have bats in your home if you hear thumping, flapping, or an unexplainable ruckus. Bats are nocturnal, so if you do hear noise from them, it will be in the evening hours. 

Raccoon Removal in Hamilton County

Besides bats, raccoons are another nuisance animal that invades Hamilton County homes. Raccoons are known for taking up residence in Hamilton County attics. With their dexterous paws, they are able to rip their way into your attic if everything isn't properly secured. Common raccoon entry points include through chimney caps, loose windows, and floppy shingles. 

Raccoons are dangerous to have in your home because of the latrines they make. Raccoons go to the bathroom in the same spot over and over, and when that piles up, it will ruin parts of your attic. The insulation will be ruined and the feces will seep down into your drywall. Besides their latrines damaging your insulation, raccoons will rip insulation to make their beds which makes it ineffective. 

You will know you have these nocturnal animals in your attic because you'll hear thumping around at night. Raccoons can get to be up to 40 pounds, so it's noticeable when they're up there!

If you suspect raccoons in your Hamilton County home, call Critter Control of Hamilton County right away. 

Squirrel Removal in Hamilton County

Squirrels are a nuisance in your yard, let alone once they get into your Hamilton County home! Squirrels are diurnal which means they are most active during the daytime hours. If you hear scratching, scurrying, or rustling in your attic, walls, or ceiling during the day, you likely have a squirrel problem!

Squirrels are dangerous to your home for a few reasons. First, their droppings create a health hazard. Squirrels also like to chew and will rip up your insulation which makes it ineffective. They also chew on the electrical wires in your home which creates a fire hazard. 

Luckily, the experts at Critter Control of Hamilton County are trained to quickly and effectively remove squirrels and keep them out for good. Give us a call today for animal removal in Hamilton County!

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For effective wildlife trapping and critter removal, Critter Control of Hamilton County's technicians will get out all wildlife animals quickly and safely. Call Critter Control of Hamilton County's office today!