What Do Squirrel Tracks Look Like?

Property owners worried about these rodents infesting their Hamilton County attic should look for squirrel footprints on a roof or around the entrance to a crawl space. While squirrel tracks are similar in appearance to many other rodent footprints, they do have some special traits. Squirrel tracks are relatively small at about two inches in length and although their prints are around the same size as those left by rabbits, squirrels have front paws with four narrow toes tipped with tiny claws.  A squirrel's larger rear paws also feature five distinct toes with a large heel pad. 

Getting Rid of Squirrels

Signs of squirrel prints in mud leading to broken or loose siding, holes, or cracks in a home is bad news for the owner. To prevent the pests from nesting in a residence, exclusion can be effective. Keeping up with home repairs and inspecting roofs regularly does a lot to prevent wildlife problems.

If trapped in a building, squirrels may be aggressive, especially if they are nesting with their offspring. These rodents are destructive and can transfer diseases such as leptospirosis. Residents who find squirrel footprints in the attic or on the roof near access points should Contact Us at Critter Control of Hamilton County to schedule an appointment! 

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