raccoon noises in the atticWhat's The Noise in My Attic?

Have you started to hear unfamiliar sounds in your home? Are tiny footsteps in the attic keeping you up at night? Maybe you've heard soft mewing or scratching and you're wondering where it's coming from. One of the first signs you have animals in the attic is by the noises you hear. You might hear a knocking or scurrying or scratching sound and wonder what the noise in the attic is. Common animals in the attic include:

Early Morning and Late Night Noises in the Attic

The timing of the noise you hear in the attic will help you distinguish which animal is the culprit. Some animals are most active during the day, while others are most active at night and early morning before the sun comes up. We recommend taking note of when you hear the noise in the attic.

Common nocturnal animals to hear at night include raccoons, rodents, and bats.

What Do Raccoons in the Attic Sound Like?

Raccoons are one of the largest animals you may hear in the attic. Weighing around 40 pounds, they are known for thumping around quite loudly. Other noises that raccoons make in the attic include mewing, crying, or other whining sounds that may be coming from baby raccoons in the attic. If you suspect there are raccoons in the attic, it's important to remove them as quickly as possible as they can cause a lot of damage. From leaving their latrines to damaging your insulation, raccoon damage adds up quickly. If you hear raccoon noises in the attic, call our team right away! 

What If There are Raccoon Kits in my Attic?

Fully grown adult raccoons are one issue to have, but what about if they've recently had babies? Raccoons kits are known for vocalizing regularly and are a separate consideration when it comes to removal. We don't recommend removing raccoons yourself, in case you accidentally leave babies behind. Our goal is to make sure the families stay together and stay safe—just not inside your home.

Are There Rodents in my Attic?

Rodents are another common animal that will invade the attic. Rat and mouse noises in the attic may include scurrying, scratching, or tiny footsteps. Because rodents make most of their noise at night when your home is likely quiet, the sound of the rodents will appear to be amplified. It is most common to have rodents in the attic when the weather is cold because they are looking for a cozy place to protect themselves from the cold winter months. However, you might hear rodents in the attic all year around. Rodents will rip your insulation, chew the wires, and make their way into your home to find food and water, spreading diseases along the way. If you hear rodent noises in the attic, give us a call to get them out. 

What Do Bats in the Attic Sound Like?

Bats commonly use your attic to have their babies or to escape cold weather. You might know you have bats in the attic by their squeaking and chirping at night. You may also hear scratching or fluttering sounds. There are special laws surrounding bat removal, so it's important to work with a professional if you suspect bats in the attic. We can install one-way doors or other humane methods to remove the bats in your attic. 

What Animal is in my Attic in the Daytime?

Not all animals in the attic are nocturnal! Squirrels are the most common diurnal animal to find in your attic; however, birds are also a common culprit. 

squirrel in the atticSquirrels—the Daytime Intruders

The most common diurnal animal to have in your attic is a squirrel. Because squirrels are most active during the day, you can likely know that you have squirrels in the attic if you hear scurrying or scratching during the day. Like other rodents, squirrels cause a lot of damage in the attic from chewing insulation to leaving their droppings. They will also collect food in your attic to save for winter, which can create another mess. If you suspect squirrels in the attic, it's best to get them out before the cold weather comes because they will burrow into your attic to stay for the winter if you let them. 

No matter what animal has invaded your Hamilton County attic, Critter Control of Hamilton County can help you get rid of it! Give us a call today for wildlife removal and prevention services. 317.953.2523