Hamilton County Pest Treatment

Stinging Insect Perched on Hamilton County Home

Insect problems? Pests invading your home? Perhaps you're looking for a mole exterminator to keep your yard free of the tunneling pest. Don't fret—call your professional pest removal company: Critter Control of Hamilton County! Pest services in Hamilton County generally involve unwelcome visitors including rodents and insects, like rats, mice, wasps, and spiders.

We respect the urgency with which you need to get rid of pests in your home. Critter Control offers professional pest control management in Hamilton County, IN, and nearby to get rid of your most difficult problems with rodents and insects.

Pest Control & Extermination Services

Some more examples of common pest control problems in Hamilton County include rats in the attic, squirrels in the walls, and insect infestations in the home or business. Pests can enter homes through nearly microscopic entry points, and populations of most wildlife or insect will multiply quickly. Once inside, pest control and remediation will be necessary to preserve and restore your home's integrity—learn more about how we can help clean up and repair your home & attic.

Insect Control

How to know you have insects in your home:

Besides seeing bugs flying around your space, this is how you know you have insects in your home: 

  • Dead Bugs: If you're seeing dead bugs around your home, you may have an insect problem. You may find them individually or in piles, but either way, it's a sign to implement extermination services. A common place to look for dead bugs is in your windows. 
  • Sounds: Scratching, scurrying, and buzzing are all signs you could have insects in your home. If you hear funky sounds in your Hamilton County home, Critter Control of Hamilton County can help you figure out where they're coming from. 
  • Damage: You may notice damage to the wood around your home. This is a common sign you have an insect problem, and that you should call Critter Control of Hamilton County as soon as possible. 

How to prevent insects in your Hamilton County home

  • Keep Food Put Away: Crumbs on the counter and open food are an open door for insects and other bugs to find. Keep things cleaned and put away to ensure they find someone else to bug. 
  • Lock Up Pet Food: Insects, ants in particular, love pet food. Keep it secured in a sealed container when Fido isn't eating to combat ants in your Hamilton County home. 
  • Close Entry Points: Insects are tiny creatures that can fit into the smallest spaces. It's essential to ensure your home is properly caulked and sealed to prevent these critters from crawling inside. 
  • Clean Damp Areas: Bugs, especially spiders, are attracted to the damp areas in your home. Keep them cleaned up to the best of your ability, and consider a dehumidifier if your home is especially damp. 

If you're looking for a reliable, professional pest company, call Critter Control of Hamilton County to get rid of all pest control problems in your home—including rodent control and wildlife animal removal.