Insect Control Problems

Yellow jackets swarming on the end of a sawed logThere is a multitude of issues that arise when an insect problem occurs inside or outside the home. Controlling insect populations will require experienced technicians and materials in order to complete the process safely. Fortunately for you, Critter Control of Hamilton County has both of these things. If you notice large populations of insects in your Hamilton County home, don't worry—call our office today!

Critter Control of Hamilton County's professional technicians have years of experience dealing with insects. Sometimes these insects exist in large numbers. We can deal with any wasp issues, ant problems or spider problems you may be facing. We will plan to install prevention methods in order to keep these bugs from returning in the future.

Common Problem Insects

Many different types of insects in the Hamilton County area can cause trouble for homeowners. Some of these insects will sting but a number of them are not dangerous and are actually beneficial to the environment. The most common types that appear in Hamilton County include:

Wasp Control in Hamilton County

Wasps live in colonies, sometimes in the thousands. Many wasps are aggressive and sting when threatened. Contrary to popular belief, wasps are often capable of stinging multiple times. One of the best ways to keep wasps away from your home is to prevent them from building their nests near you. 

How to Prevent Wasps

Some of the things you can do to prevent wasps from building their nests around your Hamilton County home include: 

  • Keep foods covered, especially ones that wasps like such as fruits and meats
  • Caulk & seal any holes or gaps in your home
  • If windows are open in your home, be sure screens are installed
  • Be mindful of food sources in your yard: cover trash and compost bins, and be cautious with hummingbird feeders

If you do have a wasp control problem, Critter Control of Hamilton County can take care of it so you don't have to! Avoid getting stung and let the professionals do the work. 

Call us at 317.953.2523 if you are noticing insects, stinging or otherwise, on your property or in your Hamilton County home.