How to Recognize a Bat Infestation in Your Hamilton County Home












Have you been up in your home attic recently?

Bats might seem like harmless creatures, but when they find their way into your home, they can pose serious health risks and structural damage. Keeping your home critter-free and safe is important to us at Critter Control of Hamilton County, Recognizing the signs of a bat infestation early is crucial for prompt and effective removal. Here’s your comprehensive guide to identifying a bat infestation:


Strange Noises

Bats are active during the nighttime, so you may hear scratching, squeaking, or flapping noises coming from your attic or walls once the sun goes down. Pay attention to any unfamiliar sounds, especially during dusk and dawn when bats are most active.

Droppings, Stains and Smells:

Bat droppings, known as guano, resemble small, elongated pellets and accumulate in areas where bats roost. Check attics, crawl spaces, and around entry points for piles of guano. Guano can carry diseases like histoplasmosis, so handle with it caution and wear protective gear if cleaning. Bat urine can also leave behind dark stains on walls and ceilings. The buildup of guano emits a strong, musty odor that intensifies with the size of the infestation, so look for discoloration and foul smells in enclosed spaces where bats may roost.

Look for Entry Points in Your Exterior

Inspect the exterior of your home for potential entry points bats might use to access your attic or walls. Common entry points include gaps in rooflines, vents, chimneys, and unscreened attic vents.

Seeing Bats in the Daytime?

While bats are primarily nocturnal, a significant infestation may drive them to seek food or new roosting spots during the day. If you notice bats flying around your home during daylight hours, it could indicate a sizable colony nearby.


Do not ignore the signs of a bat infestation in your Hamilton County home. Acting swiftly to address the problem can prevent health hazards and structural damage. If you suspect bats have taken up residence, Critter Control of Hamilton County is your solution for humane bat removal.  Contact us or call 317.953.2523 to schedule a home inspection or for a bat infestation removal service.