Dead Wildlife Odors and Stains

Wildlife can get stuck in between your walls, attic, or crawlspace, and if they can't get out, they could die. When this happens, it will create a horrendous odor and stains that can be difficult to remove. Critter Control of Hamilton County can pinpoint the exact location of the dead animal in your home and get rid of it. Our team can implement deodorizers and odor neutralizers to remove the dead animal smell and return your home to normal!

Removal Of Carcasses 

Carcass removal is necessary to avoid future infestations. A dead animal carcass can lead to potential health hazards, stains on the ceiling or walls, and further infestation problems.

  • Flies, mites, fleas, and ticks will cover the wildlife animal
  • Once the carcass is gone, those parasites will seek another host

Call Critter Control of Hamilton County if you suspect a dead animal carcass in your home. We will remove both the dead animal and the dead animal smell from your home.