Wildlife Animals in the Crawl Space

Crawl Space Clean Up in Hamilton CountyYour crawl space can attract many unwelcome visitors. Because it is hidden away from the high-traffic areas of your home, the crawl space shields the wildlife animals from the elements and offers a cozy nesting area in which to birth and raise their young. Unfortunately for you, this can lead to crawl space damage, including odors and loss of energy efficiency, and other problems presented by wildlife.

Critter Control of Hamilton County can remove animals in crawl spaces, repair crawl space damage, and clean up wildlife droppings left behind after the wildlife animal has been removed. There are many common crawl space problems that occur, including:

  • Wildlife nesting sites, including those behind shelving and appliances, or in clothes piles
    • Critters will take advantage of any soft material like paper or cloth
  • Though unfortunate, many animals get trapped in your crawl space and die, leading to a whole new set of issues that comes with a decaying wildlife corpse
  • Critters like rodents, mostly rats and mice, can repopulate quickly, making a small problem a big one
  • Of course, hazardous droppings and urine are always an issue where wildlife is present

Crawl Space Repair & Restoration

Critter Control of Hamilton County can restore your crawl space with damage repairs, restoration work, and crawl space clean-up. We also offer crawl space foundation repair to keep animals out in the future. Damages in the crawl space can lead to flooding and water damage, and compromised energy efficiency, but our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable and will work diligently to get your crawl space repaired quickly. Call Critter Control of Hamilton County for crawl space repair, restoration, and clean up. Critter Control of Hamilton County can find the root of the problem and eliminate it, today!