When you are facing wildlife animals in the attic, it is best to call an attic damage specialist at Critter Control of Hamilton County. Our experienced attic repair team knows what needs to be done in an attic to solve your wildlife control problems and repair your wildlife damage. Give Critter Control of Hamilton County a call today to schedule your attic inspection and appointment.

Fixing Attic Damage in Hamilton County

Attic repair services in Hamilton CountyCritter Control of Hamilton County offer full attic repair services after a wildlife invasion. Our wildlife technicians are skilled and ready to help you repair your attic and replace your ineffective insulation. Some parts of your attic will be damaged by wildlife intruders include:

  • Chewing on structural beams
  • Chewing on electrical wires, which can potentially lead to fire
  • Ripping and tear of insulation for nesting purposes
  • Leaving behind hazardous feces and urine

Common animal visitors that can be responsible for attic problems such as these include rodents, raccoons, and bats. If you suspect you need attic animal cleanup, call our office before the problem gets out of hand. Read our article about how to determine what animal is in your attic based on the noises you hear. 

Full-Service Attic Repair

Critter Control of Hamilton County offers many attic repair services to keep your attic in its best possible shape! We will first work diligently to remove the animals that are residing in your attic, then repair damages and implement repair services that include: 

  • Insulation removal—Getting rid of contaminated insulation is the first step in restoring your attic.
  • Insulation decontamination—Making sure your insulation is clean and free of hazardous spores is vital to our full-service attic repair. This will often require replacement of insulation.
  • Attic decontamination & cleanup—Cleaning and sanitizing the remainder of your attic is important in keeping your home and loved ones safe from the fallout of a wildlife guest.
  • Feces removal—We do not recommend attempting to remove animal feces yourself as you can easily contract airborne illnesses like Hantavirus.
  • Attic repairs—Animals damaged your attic beams by chewing or staining with their urine or feces? Let us fix those damages for you.
  • Caulking & sealing—Properly sealing and caulking your attic from the outside helps keep animals out, but also helps keep the elements out, which can protect it two-fold.
  • Odor remediation—Dead animals will leave an extremely unpleasant smell in your home, and the smell will also draw other animals in. Keep them out by contacting our team to perform professional odor remediation services in your Hamilton County home!

No matter what attic repair services you think you need, we can help. For attic insulation in Hamilton County, give our experts a call at Critter Control of Hamilton County. 317.953.2523

Attic Restoration & Attic Insulation Hamilton County

It's possible that a wildlife infestation could leave your attic needing restoration services. Common reasons for attic restoration include soiled insulation from critters, chewed wires, and excessive rodent droppings. When Critter Control performs attic restoration, we will ensure you have the proper amount of insulation in your home. 

Having the right amount of insulation in your attic is essential to keeping your home energy efficient! Attic insulation in Hamilton County will keep your home warm in the cold winter months experienced in the Midwest. Your home insurance may even cover attic restoration. We will work with you to find the best option for you and your home!

For attic animal cleanup and attic insulation in Hamilton County, give Critter Control of Hamilton County a call! 317.953.2523

WarningIf you think you have vermiculite insulation in your attic, there's a chance it could contain asbestos. Don't disturb it. Only attic insulation contractors certified to handle and remove asbestos should deal with vermiculite insulation.

Wondering how to keep wildlife out of your attic? Read our Critter guide!