If you have tried to upkeep a decent lawn, you know about these infamous pests. It's amazing that all your efforts to make your landscape as beautiful as possible can be ruined by something as small as a mole. Although extremely beneficial to the natural environment, they can have the exact opposite effect when encroaching on developed property. If you want to prevent the damage caused by these small mammals, call Critter Control of Hamilton County today! Our expert technicians are ready to solve all your mole problems and more!


The Truth, The "Mole" Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

As stated before, moles are an essential part of the ecosystem. They eat some harmful insects and generally raise the quality of the soil. This being said, their feeding habits have an unfortunate, indirect consequence. Their feeding runways can be very widespread and are created as fast as 15 ft per hour. The extent of their damage is surprising because of their size; moles in Indiana don't usually grow more than four oz. Though not completely blind, they are colorblind and have very poor eyesight. This doesn't give them a disadvantage, however, because they spend almost their whole lives underground where it is pitch black. Learn more about moles here.

Mole Trapping & Removal 

Getting rid of moles is a difficult job. Because you don't usually directly see these creatures, it creates its own set of problems. You must know mole behaviors, predict them, and then prevent them. The technicians at Critter Control of Hamilton County have extensive experience in getting rid of and preventing them from returning. The returning aspect is an important one. Anyone can get rid of moles with enough diligence. It is how to keep them away that sets Critter Control apart from the rest. Don't settle for anything less than the best. Call today!

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Moles are responsible for costly damage to landscaping and their damage can even lead to injury. Crops & foliage are at risk if you have a mole infestation, so don't wait—call Critter Control of Hamilton County today!
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