Known perhaps less commonly as woodchucks, the most common damage groundhogs are responsible for includes landscape damage—with insatiable appetites, groundhogs can do a lot of damage simply with their eating behaviors, let alone their digging. The groundhog on your Hamilton County property won't be there long once you call our office or fill out our contact form and schedule an inspection! We will perform full-service groundhog removal and prevention services to keep groundhogs out for good.

Groundhog Control Services in Hamilton County

Groundhog management in Hamilton CountyThese medium-sized rodents are skilled at swimming and climbing. These squirrel relatives tend to stay within 150 feet of their burrows when they are active in the warmer months, and this in combination with their herbivore eating tendencies equals an outdoor pest.

  • Groundhogs aren't usually found in homes, so their main damages occur in your Hamilton County yard.
  • Groundhog damage can also manifest in the form of digging at the base of homes or other buildings, weakening the structural integrity.
  • Groundhog attacks against humans are incredibly rare and must be treated as an indication of rabies.
  • Woodchuck diets have been known to include such crops as soybeans, peas, carrots, lettuce, alfalfa, apples, and flowers.
  • Further damage can be to farm equipment and livestock, due to hidden burrow holes.
Your Critter Control technician will likely implement such groundhog control and woodchuck prevention methods as:
  • Groundhog trapping
  • Habitat modifications
  • Wire mesh fences (these should be buried at least a foot underground and overhangs at the top to discourage the crafty critters from burrowing or climbing over)
  • Electrified fencing may be necessary

Since groundhogs are clever and create several entrances and exits to their burrows, traps should only be set by trained professionals. Woodchucks are not usually aggressive toward humans, but like many wildlife creatures, they may scratch or bite when they feel threatened. Critter Control of Hamilton County's wildlife experts are trained to safely deal with nuisance groundhogs and prepared to handle trapping, removal, and control operations. We can help you get rid of groundhog problems. Call today or visit us online!

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