Although they look like man's best friend, these wild animals are known to cause serious problems. When they get too close, you need to keep your family and pets closer. If a pack decides to establish itself near your home, make sure to call a coyote removal service you can trust to do the job and do it right. Call Critter Control of Hamilton County. Our expert technicians can help solve or prevent any complications that arise.


The Coyotes Near Your HomeCoyote management in Hamilton County

Although initially evolved to live in open prairies, human expansion has driven them to live wherever they can survive. Adaptable creatures, they have even spread to the urban areas of Indiana. When first spotted, they may be mistaken for a dog. However, they live in feral packs and lack the thousands of years gone into domesticating our loving companions. Coyotes appear to have more pointed snouts and a "sleeker" look. They are very intelligent and take advantage of every opportunity they can to eat. This sometimes means your flock of chickens or even the family cat might end up missing. Their howls and yelps can be heard at night which sound like terrible screams. 

When Should I be Concerned?

This answer varies from household to household. If you have young children, a beloved family pet that is let outside, or an unsecured coop of fowl, the answer is immediately. Although the numbers of coyotes attacking humans are low, they are increasing. The smaller their habitat gets, the more they have to encroach on ours. This causes them to become desperate and their attitudes to become unpredictable. Coyotes will eat anything they can. They prefer small rodents and rabbits but eat fruits, vegetables, and insects. This means your outdoor cats, small dogs, and/or flocks are at high risk of being taken by hungry coyotes. Although quite circumstantial, coyotes will devour watermelon or berry crops. Finally, coyotes carry diseases and parasites like heartworm, mange, and rabies that can be transferred to pets or even family members. 

To recap:

  • Although they don't regularly attack humans, they will when they feel dangered.
  • Small pets are extremely vulnerable to coyote attacks.
  • Coyotes will kill chickens, turkeys, ducks, or any other domesticated fowl.
  • Watermelon & berry crops are susceptible to coyote damage. 
  • Coyotes carry dangerous diseases and parasites. 

Effective Coyote Removal

As you can see, it is important to remove coyotes from properties at risk. Critter Control of Hamilton County will get rid of coyotes and keep them gone. We solve the problem at the source. We analyze how and why they are coming too close. From there, we're able to prevent these dangerous animals from interfering with your life. Call us today for a free quote!



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