Chipmunks may be less-than-intimidating creatures based solely on their size, but they can be responsible for some serious damage. Hamilton County residents often complain of chipmunk problems on their property or in their homes. If you're facing a chipmunk issue, call our office today or visit our contact form to leave us more details on your chipmunk problems!

Chipmunk Control Services in Hamilton County

Chipmunk management in Hamilton CountyGetting rid of a chipmunk can be quite difficult, especially as an inexperienced homeowner. Chipmunk trapping can prove just as challenging. Chipmunks are quite speedy, small, and silent, making them a perfect pest. We recommend you contact a professional chipmunk control specialist like those at Critter Control of Hamilton County to help solve your chipmunk problem.

As a full-service wildlife control company, Critter Control of Hamilton County offers a variety of services, including:

  • Chipmunk trapping & removal
  • Insulation damage restoration due to chipmunk behavior
  • Chipmunk prevention & management

Common Chipmunk Damages

Even though they're relatively small, these critters are capable of creating costly, and potentially dangerous, damages to your Hamilton County home, such as:

  • Chewing on soft household items like furniture, roofs, walls, carpets, foods, electrical wires and more
  • Ruining insulation with excrement or by ripping/shredding
  • Urine and feces odors/stains
  • Damaging foliage and gardens
  • Carrying diseases and parasites

Chipmunk Control & Prevention

Do you have a residential or commercial chipmunk problem? Give Critter Control of Hamilton County a call! With several years of first-hand experience in dealing with chipmunk invasions, our skilled team will remove your chipmunks quickly and keep them out for good. If you are in the Hamilton County area, give us a call or simply click HERE to book a chipmunk inspection today!


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