Hamilton County residents are no strangers to bird problems, especially when it comes to discovering pest birds in attics and birds in vents. Birds are an important part of the environment but when they nest inside your home or on your business, they can become a huge headache. Make sure you call our office today for help with bird nest removal and other bird control services, or visit our contact form here.

Bird Control Services in Hamilton County

Bird management in Hamilton CountyWe do not recommend DIY bird removal because many bird species are protected by law. We are knowledgeable on bird laws in the Hamilton County area and will make sure to work within the confines of the law. We will be sure to get birds out of your home and implement appropriate bird prevention methods.

Some methods your technician may implement include, but are not limited to:

  • Bird repellent
  • Bird netting
  • Bird spikes

A few of America's most common pest birds are pigeons, starlings, and house sparrows. Such birds as hawks, swallows, blackbirds, crows, woodpeckers and seagulls can also cause a ruckus in otherwise peaceful environments. The need for bird removal and other bird control services like bird prevention may occur when the following situations appear:

  • Birds getting into vents, birds in the siding and birds in the attic
  • Destructive roosting or building nests around human areas
  • Contamination of food storage
  • Noise, droppings, odor, and feathers
  • Diseases or parasites that affect man including histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis
  • Dangerous working environments

Bird control can be a challenging endeavor, but we know the right methods and equipment to use in order to get rid of birds. The best bird control and bird proofing encourage prevention methods, including bird deterrents, exclusion, or building modifications. The skilled technicians at Critter Control will work with you to bird proof your property in an effective way. Call today for effective and efficient bird removal help!

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