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Critter Control of Hamiton County is your professional wildlife control company. With years of experience in wildlife removal, damageCritter Control of Hamilton County is Angie's List Certified repairs, and wildlife prevention, we get the job done correctly the first time! Our company holds an 'A' Rating with Angie's List, so trust that our wildlife control services are professional, quick, and effective!

Wildlife Control Services

Finding a wildlife animal in the home can be overwhelming. Critter Control of Hamilton County can take care of the wildlife control problem and let you rest at ease knowing it is being handled professionally. Our wildlife control services include:

Wildlife Removal - The first step in wildlife control is to remove the wildlife from your home. Critter Control of Hamilton County are experts at wildlife trapping and removing wildlife from your home.

Dead Animal Removal - Dead animals in homes create terrible odors and can be difficult to locate and remove. Critter Control of Hamilton County can track down the dead animal in your home quickly and remove the carcass, along with the odors and stains that come with it!

Wildlife Damage Repair - Wildlife animals in the home will create extensive damages in a short amount of time. The damages can lead to greater problems, including water damage, electrical fires, and more. Critter Control of Hamilton County will repair damages created by the wildlife in the home.

Wildlife Prevention - Our goal is to keep wildlife animals out of the home for good. Preventative measures are installed to create barriers between the inside of your home and wildlife animals outside. Our wildlife control solutions are long term and effective to keep you and your family safe.

Attic Restoration - Wildlife animals in the attic is a common wildlife control problem. Critter Control of Hamilton County offers attic restoration and repairs to make sure your attic is efficient and safe.

Crawl Space Renovation - Finding wildlife animals in the crawl space is another common wildlife control problem. Critter Control of Hamilton County will repair damages and restore your crawl space condition to ensure wildlife animals do not enter again in the future.

Pest Control - Rodents in the home and insects in the home can be difficult for an untrained homeowner to remove. Critter Control of Hamilton County offers effective and quick solutions to get rid of pests in your home.

Wildlife Control Problems

Hamilton County deals with many wildlife control problems year-round. Critter Control offers solutions to any wildlife control problem you may encounter. The most common wildlife control problems in Hamilton County include:

  • Moles in the Yard
  • Mole Damage
  • Bats in the Attic
  • Bat Noises
  • Bat Damage
  • Raccoons in the Attic
  • Raccoon Damage
  • Squirrels in the Attic 
  • Squirrels in the Walls
  • Squirrel Damage
  • Opossums in the Crawl Space
  • Fox Damage
  • Groundhog Damage
  • Groundhogs in the Yard
  • Mice in Homes
  • Mice Damage
  • Mice Droppings
  • Snakes in the Yard
  • Woodpecker Damage

If you are facing any wildlife control problems, call Critter Control of Hamilton County. We offer wildlife removal, wildlife damage repair, wildlife prevention and more! Critter Control of Hamilton County is your top choice for wildlife removal in Hamilton County, including Carmel, Fishers & more.


About Hamilton County

Hamilton County is a thriving commuity with 8 towns and cities in it. Hamilton County is home to:

  • Town of Arcadia
  • Town of Atlanta
  • City of Carmel
  • Town of Cicero
  • Town of Fishers
  • City of Noblesville
  • Town of Sheridan
  • City of Westfield

Hamilton County became part of the United States as a part of the 1818 Treaty of St. Mary's. In 1822 William Conner united with community members to pitch to Indiana legislature to become an indepedant county. Since then Hamilton County has become a boasting residential county with tons of business and recreational oppurtunity.