Deer are some of the most amazing animals, but not all homeowners love them in their yard. Deer are able to cause a good amount of damage to your yard when they are looking for food. They often make an appearance in the spring and fall time in the Hamilton County area. If you are experiencing issues with deer, call Critter Control of Hamilton County right away!

Deer Removal Services

A deer in the area is not hard to miss because of its size and unmistakable hoof print. The hoof print resembles an upside-down or backward heart. In most locations around the area, there is a specific season for deer hunting and it is illegal to shoot deer out of season. In some situations, you can obtain a special permit if they are a nuisance. A Critter Control deer removal specialist will know the proper procedures in removing a deer and whether a situation calls for additional licensing for deer removal.

Common Deer Problems 

Deers can cause some major damage to your yard or property which include: 

  • Deer damage in Hamilton CountyDamage to vegetation or gardens 
  • On rare occasions jumping through windows, when they see their reflection 
  • Running into the middle of the road when scared 
  • Able to jump fences 

Full-Service Company

There are measures you can take to prevent deer problems and to get rid of deer in the area, such as building a fence around your garden, but it is best to contact your local Critter Control deer removal and deer damage specialist for specific ideas on preventing deer damage and preventing deer problems.

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