The name bobcat derives from the animal's relatively short tail that appears cut or "bobbed". While they naturally occur in nearly every climate across the continental United States, bobcats have also begun to appear in suburban settings. Bobcats are carnivorous and hunt and eat rodents, rabbits, birds, small deer, and reptiles. Call Critter Control of Hamilton County today if you are noticing bobcats near or around your home!

Bobcat Removal Services

Property owners can employ exclusion methods to reduce the possibility of bobcats wandering onto yards. Erecting fences can be helpful, but bobcats are excellent jumpers. If they are truly motivated or enticed, bobcats can easily scale fences of considerable height. Keep pets and pet food inside the home or in secured, covered coops to discourage bobcat interaction. If a bobcat gets aggressive with little prompting and seems ready to attack, it could have rabies or be protecting nearby young.

Common Bobcat Damage 

Bobcat control in Hamilton CountyBobcats have a well-known reputation for killing livestock if motived enough they will take control of any situation. Other damage that bobcats can do include: 

  • Attacking animals in captivity because they can't getaway 
  • Jumping fences 
  • Occasional human attacks 

Bobcats rarely kill out of aggression, they mostly attack if their young are nearby or if they feel threatened. 

Full-Service Company 

Attempting to trap and remove bobcats without professional assistance can be dangerous. Contacting a trained wildlife professional ensures that both the people and animals involved remain safe. Critter Control specialists have the knowledge, tools, and experience to remove bobcats safely and humanely.

Critter Control of Hamilton County can help you get rid of bobcat problems.  Call today!

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